Filipino invention may save lives disrupted by water shortage

As the whole nation knows, Metro Manila is currently going through an intense water crisis that has left many people without potable water to use in their daily lives.
Ernesto Labuntog / Photo from UNTV

This has resulted to a lot of trouble, and a lot of problems.

Water crisis is not as uncommon as you think

A lot of other countries, mostly developing and poor countries, are also suffering from intense water shortage. There have been reports from the United Nations stating that about 2.1 billion people around the world do that have access to portable water.
 Photo from Straits Times
 Photo from ABS-CBN

Because of this serious problem, many people have resorted to coming up with various creative and resourceful ways in order to gain access to clean drinkable water.

There are some who have studied the science of accessing water from unlikely places or moments like fogs and moisture.

Filipino invention brings help

Ernesto Labuntog had a brilliant invention he came up in in 2015. He was able to create a portable water treatment device that is able to filter water from rain, rivers, or floods.

The invention of Labuntog is able to create potable drinking water where there is scarce.
 Ernesto Labuntog / Photo credit to the owner
Ernesto Labuntog / Photo credit to the owner

The process of Labuntog is to collect standing water and mixing it with soil. After which, he would add chlorine to the mixture to kill the bacteria, and coagulants to kill other elements that may still be present.

After this initial process, he would then pour the treated water to his device. His invention has a cartridge filter, and a multimedia filter that will further clean up that the water and make it safe for drinking.

Cheaper alternative

According to Labuntog, his invention proves that dirty water you can find anywhere can be safe for consumption after undergoing the process.

Iyon ang nagpapatunay na ang tubig na maduduming kinukuha natin ay naiinom after going through the process,” he said.

He added that he has already offered his invention to government agencies but was not able to get a response from them.

Some foreigners took interest in the device but he did not sell it to them.

Source: UNTV

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